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WHMCS 7.10 ! The #1 Choice in Web Hosting Automation

“WHMCS is the heart of business, the central tool we connect everything to.”

What is WHMCS?

WHMCS is an all-in-one client management, billing & support solution for online businesses. Handling everything from signup to termination, WHMCS is a powerful automation & support tool.

New Release WHMCS 7.10

WHMCS 7.10’s headline new features are a new TLD Import & Pricing Sync utility and Cron Task Reporting that gives you greater insights into the automated actions and events performed by WHMCS. 

Other new features in WHMCS 7.10 include Image Upload capability in the Knowledgebase Editor, Client Email Preferences, Ticket Search by Assigned Admin User, Ability to Adjust Related Service in Tickets, a new SEO Tool offering (Marketgoo) via MarketConnect and a new Free Plan from Weebly. 

Many of the features in this release are the direct result of feature requests with over 350 votes collectively. Thanks for your feedback and please keep it coming! 

To learn more about what’s new, please visit the WHMCS 7.10 Preview Site

Registrar TLD & Pricing Sync

Automatically import and configure extensions from your domain registrar

Import TLDs from your domain registrar for faster initial setup of TLDs and verification of prices.

Perform a synchronization at any time to easily review and compare your current selling prices with cost prices from your registrar, as well as view and import TLDs that you are not currently selling. Sync options include automatically applying either a percentage or fixed monetary amount based markup with optional rounding to a number of your choice.

The new sync functionality is supported for Enom and all Logicboxes registrar modules at launch, and developer documentation has been made available for 3rd party registrar module developers to implement it into their own modules.Learn More about Registrar TLD Syncing.

Cron Task Reporting

Get more insights into automated cron task activity

Get better insights into the actions and events that occur during automated cron tasks to give you a more complete picture of what’s happened, and provide a faster and more convenient way to resolve things when they go wrong.

New datapoints include information such as the invoices that have been generated, invoices that have been attempted for capture, services that have been suspended or terminated and more.

In the case of actions which involve communication with remote systems, the recorded data will indicate the success or failure of the action, and in the case of errors, provide the error message and direct shortcuts to allow you to easily resolve and retry the action.

The new logging is part of WHMCS 7.10 and can be accessed via the Automation Status UI within the WHMCS admin area.Learn More about Cron Task Reporting

Image Uploads in Knowledgebase Articles

Upload images directly from your web browser

Self-help resources allow your customers to get the answers they need faster, and whenever they need them.

Make your articles more engaging by adding images and screenshots which is now easier than ever thanks to the new image upload functionality available in WHMCS 7.10, with access to upload images, and functionality to re-use recently uploaded images across multiple articles for added convenience.Learn More about Knowledgebase Image Uploads

Client Email Preferences

Giving customers more control over email notifications

A new email preferences option in client profiles allows customers to choose the types of emails they wish to receive, enabling them to reduce noise and make better use of contacts and sub-accounts.

Email preferences can be customised by customers themselves via the client area, or by admin level users, and in addition, additional help and information has been made available to make the email notification options easier to understand and use.Learn More about Email Notification Preferences

Assigned User Ticket Filter

A new search option for Support Tickets

Now you can filter the support tickets list within the admin area by assigned admin user, making it easier to look for tickets assigned to a specific administrative user.Learn More about Support Ticket Filters

Change associated service in tickets

Set or change the related service, addon or domain for a ticket

This new functionality allows admin users to modify (or in cases where none is selected by the customer, set) a related service, addon or domain for a support ticket.

A related service for a ticket is always displayed at the top of the services list and provides quick and convenient access to the services information and management actions.

Coming Soon: We’re also adding the ability to select a related service when opening a ticket on behalf of a customer.Learn More about Changing Associated Service

Marketgoo from MarketConnect

Easy-to-use self-service SEO Tool Offering

In a recent survey, MarketConnect users voted an SEO tool as the product they would most like to see added to MarketConnect, and in 7.10, we’re pleased to announce the availability of Marketgoo via MarketConnect.

Marketgoo is a self-service SEO tool which scans customers websites and gives them a simple report with easy to follow steps and recommendations to improve the search engine ranking of their website.

There are 2 levels of plans, differentiated by the number of pages, keyword monitoring and competitor tracking that can be performed. To learn more, visit Setup > MarketConnect in WHMCS 7.10.Learn More about Marketgoo

New Weebly Free Plan from MarketConnect

Now Available to MarketConnect Weebly Resellers

As part of a broader project to help web hosting consumers get value from their hosting purchase as quickly as possible and remove the technical barriers to getting online, we are pleased to announce the introduction of the Weebly Free Plan to MarketConnect.

The new Free plan replaces Lite, and is designed to provide customers a free and easy way to get started with an online web presence. Available to all, and available to bundle by default with new hosting purchases, Weebly Free makes it possible for anyone to build a website.

The new Free plan comes with unlimited pages and is supported by a Weebly powered by line displayed in the footer of websites.Learn More about the new Weebly Free Plan

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