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How to Install ClamAV on CentOS

Install ClamAV on CentOS 6

Step 1. First add yum repository on your system.

The EPEL repo is enabled by simply installing an RPM. Please use the command below to install the EPEL repository on your CentOS server.

#CentOS 6 – 32-bitrpm -Uvh #CentOS 6 – 64-bitrpm -Uvh

Step 2. Install required ClamAV packages.

1yum install clamav clamd

Step 3. Start the clamd service on system boot.

12chkconfig clamd onservice clamd start

Update ClamAV’s signatures:


In this example, I will configure a cronjob to scan the /home/ directory every day:

Step 4. Configuring daily scan.

1nano /etc/cron.daily/clamav_scan

Add following piece of code into clamav_scan file.

#!/bin/bashSCAN_DIR=”/home”LOG_FILE=”/var/log/clamav/manual_clamscan.log”/usr/bin/clamscan -i -r $SCAN_DIR >> $LOG_FILE

Give our cron script executable permissions:

1chmod +x /etc/cron.daily/clamav_scan

Congratulation’s! You have successfully installed ClamAV.

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